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extracurricular activities


Sports and Games

AITS has lot of open ground for the students to play sports and games. Infact, Students will get lot of relaxation by playing sports and games. These are the parts and parcel of academics in AITS. Mr Biksha Reddy, is working as Physical Director of the College. In every academic year, College organizes tournaments for the internal students and encourages the students to show their efficiency in these competitions. Student has a choice of playing Sports everyday after College hours. Most of the Male students will show interest in playing Cricket and Female students will show interest in playing Shuttle, Tennycoit.

Internal Events

AITS is organizing Internal Events for the students after College hours. These events will increase the creativity of the student and will make the student to think over and will give lot of confident for the student, which help the student to achieve better results in future. Mr Naresh, Asst Prof in EEE department will organize these events three days in a week.


AITS is organizing Class room seminars for the students in every semester. The respective teacher will assign a  topic for the students one day before and advise the students to prepare and come for the seminar.  Most of the students are showing lot of interest in participating the seminars and are winning the prizes. This will definitely improve the Intelligent Quotient (IQ) of the student and improves the body language of the student.

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